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Asghar notices Meti’s photo and leans over to take it. Akash asks him about Meti. This is my wife Mitya. I’ve been looking for it for a few days now, but I can’t find it anywhere. Have you seen him anywhere? Asghar is shocked to learn that this is Meti’s husband. If they both see each other, it will be over. Akash asks him again if he has seen his wife, which Askar denies. Akash wonders where Meti is. Asghar is confident that now they will both meet in heaven.

Malvika brings out Ambika (whose face is covered with a shawl). He tells his daughter to beware of the police. At this moment, Rathor enters the hospital and Malvika stops on her way when she sees him there. He asks Ambika Chatterjee from the nurse. Malvika informs Ambika that her father has come to visit her. if we leave now, the police will know too. The nurse gives the room number and the road to Rator. Malvika takes Ambika to her room.

The policeman asks who he met. He introduced himself and spoke to the Commissioner. This allows him to meet Ambika. Rator knocks on the door.

Ashfaq hits the table, immersed in certain thoughts. Ansari pulls him out of his reverie. Ashfaq asks him to trust him. I’m alone here, and so are you. Please let me go to the factory one day. Ansari doesn’t want to give up. I will forget who you are, son, if you stop my work again. Ashfaq wonders what will happen now. Meti will never return. I can be prosecuted for betraying my country. I don’t know what will happen to my family by then.

Askar lays bombs on factories. By mistake, he just leaves the bag and forgets it.

Rator cannot find Ambika in the room. As soon as he is about to leave, she leaves the bathroom and sits on the bed. He asks about his health, but she does not want to answer him. He came to do his duty, to tell him something. He tells her that his uncle (Chaubi) told him that his mother is alive. Ambika looks shocked. Rator tells her that Malvika might be in Dubai. I will find it. Ambika asks him why he wants her back. Do you want to burn her alive again or kill her? He says no. I told you about this and do not want to start all over again. Maybe you don’t want to understand anything. She asks him to do it, but he doesn’t.they want to waste their energy. She is so determined to destroy everyone. She is negative and bitter and will receive the same in return. I thought I should tell you, so I came to tell you about it. He tells him to go and meet his mother. He has high hopes for Malvika. You can change forever after meeting her.

Malvika leaves the bathroom as soon as Rathor leaves. Why didn’t he save you if he was so crazy about you? He could hire at least one good lawyer. Ambika does not want anyone’s pity. The nurse (who is in the unconscious room) regains consciousness. They can’t even get out because Rathor will be there. Ambika is afraid of being caught again. Do something so that you no longer have to sit behind bars. Malvika wants her to be the first to get out of prison. We plan the rest very carefully. He looks at the nurse and smiles.

The police are ordering everyone to leave the scene because a terrorist attack is expected here. Everyone rushes in desperately. Akash and Kanha look around helplessly. Akash says he cannot leave until he finds his wife. The gendarme insists that he leave, but Akash enters. Meti feels agitated and wonders what is happening. She is surprised when everyone is running. decides to find Asgara.

Asghar in the parking lot. He is holding a remote control for the bomb. Methi goes in search of Asgar. He does not understand when he is walking on the cables connected to the bomb and it will neutralize the bomb. Asghar presses a button on his device, but no explosion occurs. Walk inside and examine the wires while Metti is still looking for him. A police detective notices that Askar is doing something with the wires. He asks her to stop doing what she is doing. He approaches Asgar with his team.

The inspector asks him what he did with the wires. Asghar lies that he took his cell phone. The inspector doesn’t believe this. one of these guys finds another bomb near the factory. Askar speaks of his innocence. The police question him about the red bag. Keep talking about his innocence. Meti finally finds him. The police ask Mitya who he is. Meti agrees with Asghar that they have come to take part in the event. did not plant the bomb. He is a very kind person. He cannot do it. The police are not ready to believe it. Asghar continues to tell them that he is innocent. You can call the Pakistani police station and tell Mushtak Ansari about me. he knows


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