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As Mawli tries to come to terms with Kunal’s infidelity, Nandini knocks on the door to apologize. In agony and anger, Mawli confronts her and asks her to explain the reason for her betrayal.

Until Nandini makes excuses, will Mawli end their friendship once and for all? Read More on Teaser Complicated Love November 2020

Monday, 2 September 2020

Episode 77
While Mawli tries to come to terms with Kunal’s

infidelity, Nandini knocks on the door to apologize. In agony and anger, Mawli confronts her and asks her to explain the reason for her betrayal.


Episode 78

The conflict between Mawli and Kunal intensifies when she hears him talking to Nandini on the phone. Upon learning that he is still in contact with Nandini, Kunal’s family asks him to leave the house. How will Mawli treat her husband out of her life?

Tuesday 3 September 2020

Episode 79
On the way to the temple, Mawli meets Nandini again. Seeing Nandini alone, he realizes that Kunal is neither at home nor with Nandini. Kunal disappeared?

Episode 80
When Nandini drives Kunal to the hospital, Mawli also rushes in. But she is surprised to see in Nandini the same passion for Kunal that she once had for him. Heartbroken, Mawli leaves. Have you given up on your marriage?

Wednesday, 4 September 2020

Episode 81
Nandini opens the door to Muli’s mother, Rajip, and a crowd of angry women. The situation escalates when Muli’s mother accuses Nandini of seducing married men, thereby turning the crowd into delirium. Will Nandini be able to escape the angry crowd?

Episode 82
Kunal becomes enraged at Rajip’s plan to humiliate Nandini and sets a trap to make him confess to his crimes under police surveillance. Now with enough evidence to arrest her for multiple felonies, Kunal asks Rajip to sign the divorce papers. Will Rajip Fall Under Pressure?

Thursday, 5 September 2020

Episode 83
Dida’s heart attack reunites Kunal and Mawli next to her. Dida then makes a request that confuses them. He asks them to let go of the past and fix their broken marriage before thinking about divorce. Will they consider your request?

Episode 84
At Dida’s request, Kunal and Mawli participate in puja. Heartbroken and haunted by separation, Kunal and MThe Mauli feel uncomfortable with each other. Will the struggling couple be able to find a common language to solve their problems?

Friday, 6 September 2020

Episode 85

Concerned about Dida’s health, Kunal informs Nandini of his decision to return with his family. After leaving Nandini, heartbroken and shocked by his decision, is Kunal trying to mend his relationship with Mawli?

Episode 86

As Mawli begins to mend his marriage to Kunal and improve their public image, he faces a new threat in the form of Tara and Virat. It turns out that they are looking not only for Mawli’s reputation, but also for her life. Will Mawli survive their deadly plan?

Monday, 9 November 2020

Episode 87

Kunal admits and accepts his own mistakes in front of everyone and informs them that Mawli is innocent.

Episode 88

Kunal prepares to leave for Nandini’s post, but Dida tries to stop him from breaking his glass!

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Episode 89

Dida confesses to Radhika that she faked her illness and pumped Kunal’s drink to save her marriage.

Episode 90

Seeing Mawli yelling at Nandini, Kunal consoles Nandini and declares that he will always be with her.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Episode 91

Kunal is a unique evening with many surprises for Nandini. Coincidentally, Mawli and his friends are in the same restaurant as Kunal and Nandini!

Episode 92

Dida asks Kunal to organize a surprise party for Mauli’s birthday.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 93

Nandini prays for Mawli and offers Mawli’s title to charity.

Episode 94

Mawli gets excited by her unexpected birthday party and asks Kunal to dance with her for the last time.

Friday, 13 November 2020

Episode 95

Mawli learns that she is pregnant.

Episode 96

Mauli tells Dida and Radhika not to tell Kunal that she is pregnant, as Mauli believes that if her bond with Kunal continues, it must be because they adore each other, not just the baby.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Episode 97

Nandini informs him that he has blocked his post and does not even want to look him in the eyes yet.

Episode 98

Radhika and Dida are planning a show to create Mawli, they think Kunal is leaving the country, so he realizes that she loves him.

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 99

Nandini are challenged!

Episode 100

Kunal informs Mawli that he no longer loves her and that he left with Nandini.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Episode 101


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