Monday Update on Complicated Love 9th November 2020


Nandini crushes him in front of Kunal’s photo. Look through the sieve, Kunal comes out in front of him. She burst into tears, rubbing her face with her hands. Kunal assures her that he is here in front of her. Nandini immediately withdraws and tells her to stay with Mawli, she is pregnant. Kunal tells Nandini that Mawli lied, she is not pregnant.

There, Mawli throws the chunri, tears the bracelets and cries. Mom wonders why she lied about her pregnancy. Mawli labels Kunal as unwilling to accept the truth. Dida says Kunal must have doubts about Dr. Aashi.

Mawli has forbidden Dr. Aasha to tell Kunal about her pregnancy. Mawli claims that Kunal only cares about Nandini, he was happy when he discovered the child. He saw her fall to the ground and didn’t care if she was hurt or not. Instead, he was dubious. It was his job, he was still on his way to Dr. Aasha.

He denies the presence of this child, she cannot hold him responsible for this child. He wants this child not to exist. How could he even think she could lie to him about such a huge issue?

Nandini was convinced that Mawli couldn’t lie on such a big issue. Kunal bluntly says he did.

Mawli asks mom and Dida to think like a woman at least once if she really needs to talk to Kunal about the child. Should he choose silence and self-respect, or shame and Kunal. Mom immediately announces that Kunal is no longer her son and Mawli is not her daughter-in-law, but her daughter.

From now on, she will think like a mother of her daughter, and not like Kunal. Dida cries, but decides to let Kunal go. The three hug and cry. Kunal tells Nandini that he has come to her forever, now he belongs to her.

Mauli reads the divorce papers and decides her relationship with Kunal is over for good.

Nandini and Kunal embrace. The next morning, Nandini comes out and asks where has Kunal gone? Kunal says that he and Nandini are now going to live together, he just went to fix everything. Benda Nandini then take her to Kaali Maa temple.

His gift is the karvachaut for Nandini, they will get married. Bring a wedding dress for Nandini. She was thrilled.

There, Mawli was dressed in black and was crying in her room. She throws her red chunri on the floor, rereads the divorce papers and cries as she grabs them.

Kunal and Nandini got married. Mawli cries at her wedding photos, then wipes the sindur off her hair. Burn all those memories.

KKunal leads Nandini into a well-lit and decorated room. She didn’t believe he had done it for her. Kunal wished to decorate with such flowers all her life and keep her path for life. Nandini says it dreamily. Kunal assures us that this is reality. He kisses her and carefully removes the jewelry before it becomes intimate.


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