Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 10th November 2020


Mawli kisses Mishti as he hugs her. Ishaan approaches from behind and asks to hug Mishti. Mishti nods to Ishaan, calling him Popsy. Ishaan spins Mishti in the air.

Then it depicts sadness, to which Mishti hugs him and kisses him on both cheeks. Some children join Mishti, who introduces them to Ishaan. Ishaan tries to remember their names, but Mishti apologizes to his friends because Popsie has a slight memory loss.

He still claims he’s the best dad. Mawli tells Mishti teacher that the weather forecast is very bad, they came for Mishti. Mishti was not ready to leave her friend alone and wait for her parents to come and get her. In the camp, Mishti introduces them to Pari.

Pari slips away and Mawli supports her. Mauli assures Pari that they will not return until her parents are here. Ishaan calls her mother and says they are waiting for Mishti’s friend’s parents.

They argue that Mishti, like her mother, is always ready to help others. Ishaan asks his mother to bear fruit when they return.

Mawley asks the professor to call Father Pari, who is completely irresponsible. Pari replies that his father shouldn’t have a network, otherwise he is the best dad in the world.

Mawli apologizes to Pari and agrees that his dad is the best dad in the world. Ishaan offers to take Pari home.

Beth says anything can happen to her father, he can even have a heart attack. Mawli teases Pari, then assures Pari that nothing will happen to her father. She says the weather is really bad and that she is also Pari’s mother.

Her father can pick her up from home when she gets information. Ishaan shares his contact information with the camp guard. They bring the girls back.

At the entrance of the house, Mishti and Pari whisper in each other’s ear. Mawli smells cooking, but Ishaan intervenes and asks Mawli not to meddle in the children’s business. Pari takes off her shoes and the girls cross the stairs.

At home, Mawli tells his mother that Mishti is walking up the stairs with a friend. The bet chose Rangoli red to paint the floor of the house. Everyone, including Mawley, smiles at this. Dida claims that Lakshmi has arrived at their home.

Mishti presents Pari Dide. Mom was also happy to meet her. Dida talks to Pari in her short programming language. Mawli asks Mishti to take Pari to her room, freshen up and transform into puja.

Ishaan goes to Mawli and asks for help with the vest. Then he thanks Mauli. Mawli apologizes to Ishaan whys Mishti confuses her as Popsy. Ishaan says everything is in order, Mishti has considered him her father for three years, and it’s just that he and Mawli are not married.

Ishaan says that the day may come when Mawli will say that I love you and that I want to marry you; and that day maybe he turns around and dances in harmony. Mawli, who was serious at first, now laughs.

In the room Mishti shows her dress to Pari. Pari says his father never asked him to change his clothes for prayer, he says everyone is equal to God. Mishti says his mother says the same thing. Pari snaps a picture of Kunal from her bag and kisses her, claiming that her father is the best man. Mishti is moved and wants to see a photo of Kunal


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