Tuesday Update on True Love 10th November 2020


Ashfaq will leave Akash at the door. Come here whenever you miss home or your loved ones. Ammi Abbu will be delighted to meet you. He directs him to retire Sahab Khan. It is said that Allah is Hafiz. At this moment Meti appears, but does not see Akasha. She is curious to know who was here.

She tells him that a lover has come here. We became friends, and then he left. He asks if he has spoken to Akash. He tells her that her phone is no longer secure. I thought it was a good way to finally be free, and so do I. I think he changed his number because of you. He doesn’t like to joke. He gets serious too. I told you that her phone is not available, I will try again. don’t get angry because you don’t feel so good. From there it sadly begins.

Doc checks Vishnu. he tells Divya that he does not think he can do anything else for Vishnu. sad but true. She fears that Mukta suffers from labor pains every day. He tells her that all her organs will stop responding one by one. A machine cannot keep someone’s life forever. The machine really supports his pain. It’s good that she’s in a coma or that the pain is really unbearable. No exit. Divya is crying.

Ashfaq tries to play the melody that Akash sang. Meti gets there after listening to the melody. He asks about it. He jokes again, but finally tells her about his meeting with Akash (although he does not give his name). She tells him that this is their favorite song. Akash always hums this song when he misses me. Ashfaq looks at her in shock. He told her that the Indian told her the same thing. he is also called Akash. Shocked. Ashfaq wonders how he is doing here. She asks him about his appearance.

Ashfaq tells everything. A memory of the cafe scene is displayed. Meti is happy that her Akash is in Pakistan. Asghar passing by hears him and stops. Ashfaq tells him the fragments of his convoy that he heard. She is glad to know that he came here because he loves her. Thank you for keeping your promise. Do you know where he lives? Please take me to him. tells her to be patient. I sent Khan Sahab to the boarding house. They are both retiring. Meanwhile, Askar is calling someone.

Vishnu was taken to the intensive care unit. Jogi and Damini get there. Divya tells them about the state of Vishnu.
Ekadish shows Ekadish kundli ji-guru. He also recounts a (bad) dreamwhat he saw. Guru Ji tells him that husband and wife love each other very much, but you are the cause of their enmity. He is very sorry that he lost his wife. You have chosen to half apologize, so there are problems in your life. His search for his life partner took him away from you to a place where everyone is their enemy. Maya is worried. He says that he cannot say anything definitive about his future, given all the planets around him. she is ready to do anything to save her son. He wants you to come to him in a week. I will do Maha Mrityunjay jap for your son on the full moon night. This will eliminate all problems in his life. Play the song. He wants to quickly fix the situation, but he cannot do anything in advance. Until then, Akash will have to deal with his problems / pains. Nothing can be done against the will of God; he will have to fight his pains.

Meti collides with a guest at the guest house. He leans over to help her pack his suitcases. Meanwhile, Akash arrives and stops at the front desk. Meti and Ashfaq notice this. She calls him, and he is surprised to hear her voice. They both look at each other, then move closer. Their favorite melody plays in the background. Metti touches her face and closes his eyes in relief.

Ashfaq looks at them sadly as they kiss. He can’t believe it’s finally here. Why didn’t you come to the bus stop? I’ve been waiting for you for so long. I thought you forgot me already. I thought you were remarrying. covers his mouth. So many questions at the same time? I can never forget you or live without you. Everyone gave up, but I always felt my Meti was in order and waiting for me. I will find you from anywhere in the world. This Akasha is incomplete without Meti and always will be. Ashfaq is in tears. Methi hugs Akash again, saying that she loves him and misses him very much. He assures her that he is there to fix everything. From now on, I will never leave you alone.

Akash wonders how he found out about his stay here. Ashfaq wipes away tears as the couple turn to him. Meti tells her about this angel who saved her and found him for her. It gave me new life. I found my Akash thanks to him. Akash hugs Ashfaq tightly. She can’t thank him enough for giving her her life back. Ashfaq congratulates him on reaching Pakistan, but Akash tells him that he entered here illegally. The police are looking for me.

Ashfaq calls the police the villain of his story. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with me. My older brother Asgar has a very close bond. He will definitely help you. He also advises her to meet the Ashfaq family one day before leaving Pakistan. They are good people like Bade Papa and Badi Ma. Ashfaq and Meti are happy to keep their promise. They all turn to leave, but stop when Remat Ula Khan tells them to raise their hands.


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