Wednesday Update on True Love 11th November 2020


Ashfaq is unable to contact his brother. Pray to God to show him a way to unite Meti and Akash. They are lucky to have each other.

Methi comes there to ask him if he knew Akash or talked to Asghar. She really cares about Akasha. I want to meet him. he can understand his pain and see her love for him in her eyes. I don’t know what to do, I fail every time. Forgive me for not keeping my promise.

Saba is angry. You are so worried about the stranger. First you saved her life and then you brought her to this house. You apologize as if you were the culprit. Did you fall in love with her?

Meti reminds her that she is married and loves her husband very much. He leaves the room. Saba reminds her brother of the same. You like him? doesn’t know what love is. I just want him to be always happy. I wish she would never cry. He should always smile. I am guilty of this crime, if people call it that. Saba tells her that Meti is married and loves her husband. She is eager to meet her husband. Do you like? Ashfaq is ready for any punishment for this. My love is nothing compared to the man who crossed the border to find him. starts from there. Saba prays for her brother.

Divya and Damini must wait while Mukta is in the Old Testament. Mukta suffers within. At this time, Vishnu is not breathing (although the machine is running), which worries Jogi. Doc tries to revive Vishnu. Damini tells Divya that she is right. God is playing a strange game. I don’t know if I should be happy for the child or sad because the child may never see his father’s face. Doc checks Vishnu’s pulse, taking his last breath. Mukta gives birth to a child at the same time. Damini and Divya can see them when they are brought into the room.

Ashfaq suggests using his brother’s laptop to test the microcircuit. Askar has not returned home yet. Ashfaq inserts the chip into his laptop. It is password protected. They notice that it is a four-letter word. Meti tells him to try Fida, while the girl who gave him the chip introduces herself as Fida. this is a wrong password. He has a friend, a hacker. He can help us. Meti asks if she has a friend who can convince her to meet with Akash or put him on bail.

Madno plays, and the screen turns into a restless Mitya. She cannot sleep because she is worried about Akasha. Locked in his cell, Akash also thinks of Meti. both continue to think about their recent meeting in, after which Akasha took Rehmat Ula Khan. They both have tears in their eyes. Ashfaq is also very bright / sad, remembering how happy the couple was to be together.

Ashfaq looks at the chip. If Fida handed it over to Michiji before the train exploded, he would probably have important information. He decides to consult his friend Suleman. His friend was asleep. Ashfaq asks her for help. Suleman is located in Lahore. I’ll be back next week. He offers to use Khalid’s help as he is a genius in this area. Ashfaq wants Saba not to be in the room, otherwise she will not allow her husband to help her. I don’t know why he gets angry when he hears Meti’s name.
Ashfaq meets Saba. He asks Khalid, but she points out to Nilofer that she is packing up. He is in a hurry, so he is in a hurry. Saba enters to speak with Nilofer. Nilofer wants to go home because there is no point in staying here. He knows very well that Ashfaq loves Meti. he won’t even look at me until she’s here. Saba points out that Miti is married. He will be leaving soon. But why are you leaving because of him? Nilofer doesn’t want to build a relationship too much. If Ashfaq loves me, she will definitely come to me. I know that I love him, and not vice versa. I am leaving tomorrow morning.

Asghar closes the door to his room. He looks shocked. Someone is pointing a gun at his head. Asghar’s boss is angry with him for failing their mission. She apologizes that it all happened because of this Indian woman and her husband. His boss believes that he should have killed them only there. You only have one day. I gave you 20 lakhs for Aman Ki Dua. Send me a double with a chip by tomorrow, or I’ll make you feedain, and eventually your whole family is here. You will be punished for unfinished work. Zubeida walked to the door, but stopped when she heard a voice. He wonders what kind of unfinished work they are talking about. The boss finds Zubeida standing outside when he opens the door. he leaves after greeting her.

Asghar arrives in disguise at the prison where Akash is being held. He introduces himself as Commissioner Aftab Ahmed. He asks about the Indian spy Akash. Askar calls it dangerous. He needs to be transferred to another prison where the security is very high. Rehmat Ula Khan agrees. He wants a copy of the order to move Akasha. He also asks for an identity card on the orders of Ansari.


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