Wednesday Update on Young Love 11th November 2020


Jagya and the police come to stop the wedding. People sing Muni baba ki jai. The inspector announces over the microphone that child marriage is a crime and Mooney Baba will be arrested. Ahiraj tells the villagers that these people are obstructing the marriage and asks them to refer the case to the police if they think she is wrong. Everyone sings Muni baba ki jai again. The auxiliary inspector asks the inspector to order him to attack Lati. The inspector refuses to refer to people who may become hyperactive.

Dadisaa scolds Anandi for risking the lives of her children. Anandi says he saw Harki. Dadis doesn’t listen to her and scolds her again. Nandini says he didn’t know we were in the car. Shivam asks him not to scold his mother. Dadisaa is happy and says that I have known your mother since childhood. She says I don’t blame her because I’m angry, but because I care about you all.

Anandi thinks he sees Harki with women. Dadisaa asks what are you thinking? Anandi says I saw Harki dressed as a married woman when they went to the Gangaura puja. Dadisaa says Gangaur. She says that perhaps Anand Baba asked her to do the puja, as Harki is her devotee.

Anandi arrives. Jagya tells him that Muni Baba influenced people and took them under his control. He says I don’t know how to end this marriage. It was then that they saw several veiled women walking there. Jagya tells Anandi that there is a way to enter. Harki slaps Cavita and asks her to sit down. Kavita asks him not to get married and says he wants to study. Harkey makes her wear bracelets and tells her that you will eventually have to get married. Kundan arrives and says that Bapusaa is angry. He asks her to hurry up. Kavita is crying. Harkey says well. Anandi enters the interior through a peasant woman. Jagya smiles.

Harki and Kundan take Cavita out of there. Anandi is next to the ladies. Harki takes Kavita to Ahiraj. Kavita asks him to let her go. Ahiraj says you should get married today. Anandi enters and sees Baba Anand talking about the lines. Kavita asks him to leave her. Anandi remembers her childhood marriage to Jagya. He says I will not let you become a balika wadhu. Imagine Nandini instead of Kavita. Kavita refuses to marry and removes Ahiraj’s mask from her face. Ahiraj, Kundan and Harki are angry. Harkey asks her to accept her husband’s statement. Anandi says Ahiraj is Muni Baba. He says I’m not going to let you succeed this time.
Kavita asks him to leave her. Anandi thinks no one will believe her that Anand Maharaj is Ahiraj and she thinks she is gathering evidence. Ahiraj asks her to become Balika Vadhu SilentlOr he will kill her. He tells her that he will feed the crocodile to his parents and asks him to come in silence. At this moment, Anandi enters and upsets him. Kavita asks Anandi to save her. Anandi says your mask has been taken off, Ahiraj. Ahiraj says you finally identified me. Dadisaa calls. He tells Jagya that his heart is shaking as if something bad is going to happen. Jagya assures him that nothing bad will happen. At this point, people start throwing stones at Jagyu and he is injured. Jagya tells Dadisaa that he will call her later.

Ahiraj says the Jitsar fighter came to fight me and laughs, but she doesn’t have a weapon with her. He asks me how you can beat me. He says you will die today. Harkey and Kundan smile. Anandi says you will die forever. Harki warns Anandi not to say a word against him. Anandi says your husband is the devil. Harkey says he’s my god. Anandi says it will also undermine your confidence. Ahiraj asks him to talk to him. Ahiraj says you can’t do anything. Their video is recorded on his phone.

Ahiraj says he started the Jhalra Muni Baba drama and will continue to steal from the illiterate. He says no one will believe you and laughs. He says you can’t save your daughter, and you can’t save her either. At that moment his phone rings. Ahiraj hesitates and picks up her phone from there. He sees the voice on Anandi’s phone and simmers. Kundan is holding Anandi’s hands. Ahiraj says God help me. The phone breaks. Anandi talks to Ahiraj and pushes Kundan. Ahiraj and Kundan take Anandi from there. They heal and say it’s your death. They throw it into a large dry pit. Anandi falls into a well and loses consciousness.


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